Monday, November 2, 2015

TV REVIEW: Fargo (Season Two, Episode Four)



It looks like we are heading toward a gang war in "Fargo."

This season is really starting to remind me of "Game of Thrones." Knowing the movie and knowing the first season of "Fargo," one must be hesitant when they attach themselves to a character, because its fairly unlikely that character will make it out alive. We haven't seen too many deaths so far this season, but that is bound to change. We learn before every chapter opens that this "true story" is giving respect to the dead. People are going to die this season, there is no two ways about it. Its just a matter of when. With that said, its tough to know which bad guys to root for this season. Between the Gerhardt's and the Kansas City Mob. The Gerhardt's were painted in much more positive light this week. Yes, they are doing bad, but the Kansas City Mob is an invading empire, trying to great a quick fix of power. The Gerhardt's just want whats theirs and they are willing to fight for it.

There was a great scene between Mama Gerhardt and the leader of the Kansas City Mob tonight, and the back-and-forth felt pretty electrifying. They are talking about power, they are talking about what is there's and its beginning to look like things will get ugly. Things sort of do get ugly, as Kansas City draws first blood. Yep, its all Dodd Gerhardt's fault, but Kansas City draw first blood and it leads to a declaration of war on the Gerhardt's part. Alas, this all could have been avoided if it weren't for Rye Gerhardt going on a shooting spree, but that's neither here nor there now, its time to clean up the mess and the results will further be bloody.

It also looks like Sheriff Solverston is closing in on the Blumquists. He finally figures out that it was the Blumquists who drove off with Rye's body and he needs to find out why before the Gerhardt's do, who are just as hot on the trail. Late in the episode, there is a heated exchange between Solverston and the Blumquists, Solverston wants so bad to protect this couple, but they are not willing to commit because how it would shatter their reputation. Its amazing how Patrick Wilson comes alive in this scene, and there is a particular speech that you will want to record and watch a few times, just because Wilson sells it so well. It seems Jesse Plemons and Kirsten Dunst are more than willing to sell with him. All three parties are very good in the exchange and its amazing how so much talent can be on display in just a small scene.

I love that with each episode, someone new steps out and makes the episode memorable. Tonight, it was Jeffrey Donovan. We learn a little about Dodd Gerhardt's past when he used to help his dad with murders. Now all grown up, he is proud of his family and appreciates what they have accomplished, even if it gets him in trouble. Donovan has several great, stand-out scenes in this episode, its a role that Donovan has proved to be good at, but its written so differently compared to what we are used to that it feels original. Donovan's performance is the one in which you gravitate toward in each new scene, and he is amazing to behold.

I am very much looking forward to next week, I can't wait to see some East versus West fighting happen! Or should I say North vs South?

What did everyone else think?  

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