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Tonight's episode of "Fargo" was all about Peggy and Ed Blumquist and Dodd Gerhardt. It was pretty glorious.

A few episodes ago, the Gerhardt's met the Blumquists at their home in order to seal the deal of justice on Rye Gerhardt. This didn't go incredibly well for the Gerhardt's side, as Dodd got captured by the Blumquists and they went on the run, with Dodd in their trunk. On tonight's episode, the couple barricades themselves in a remote cabin, and they tied Dodd up in the cabin. The entire episode revolved around the three and how they deal with their current situation. All the while Hanzee Dent is hot on the trail, to find Dodd for the Gerhardt's. I knew that somebody was going to die this episode, whether it was Dodd, or Hanzee, or Ed or Peggy. I knew it was coming, I just didn't see it playing out the way it did tonight.

I was not expecting Hanzee to shoot Dodd in the head. Honestly, after seeing the whole episode, I did not see that coming. What made Hanzee snap? He seemed so loyal to the Gerhardt's, what could possibly make him turn. Did I miss something tonight. I have to admit, I think "Fargo" works best when its an hour episode, tonight's hour and a half episode felt a little overly-long, and sometimes when that happens, movie or show, it can be easy to tune out. Especially when one episode focuses on a small group of people. Dodd, Hanzee and the Blumquists are all equally strong characters, I guess the writing for this episode could have been a little bit better, it was just kind of hard to keep up with an episode that feels long. So if I indeed missed something, I will have to apologize.

It wasn't all bad. There was an excellent exchange between Ed and Mike Milligan, discussing Ed giving Dodd to Mike, it feels like Bokeem Woodbine has really been a highlight episode after episode, even though he was barely in it tonight. There is also a laugh-out-loud funny moment between Ed and Dodd when Dodd has to use the bathroom. The last ten minutes of the episode were pretty goddamn nuts, especially when you think everybody is going to kill each other, but the reversal I didn't see coming. I would say Kirsten Dunst is equally memorable as Peggy and she does really good in the last moments of tonight's episode, very well done.

We have two episodes left on this wild ride of a season. What did everyone else think?

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