Tuesday, November 3, 2015




Tonight's episode of "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." brought the girl power fast and furious.

Not that I am complaining, this show has lots of badass women on it, strong characters that are well worth further examination. I like that a nice chunk of this show focused on Melinda May and Bobbi Morse. Together, they kicked HYDRA's butt. Well, sort of kicked HYDRA's butt. Ward is still at large, the Strucker child is dead, and the trail to this new HYDRA seems all but cold. The nice thing is, Melinda's ex-husband, Andrew Garner was not killed two episodes ago. The bad news is that Andrew Garner is Lash.

Yep, that big, blue seamonster looking dude who has been killing Inhumans in cold blood, is Andrew Garner. That was the last bit of information Morse and May found out before the Strucker child died. Daisy found out two weeks ago that Lash has been shape-shifting into a human. Mack, Hunter and Daisy went to investigate some leads, all of which wound up cold. I figured it wouldn't be as obvious as Banks, one of the ATCU's top leaders. I should have been able to put it together a few weeks ago, because I knew by the look on the Strucker child's face that he didn't go through with killing Garner, I figured Garner would be safe. I just didn't know how safe. This could be a big gig for Blair Underwood, who I think has been doing good work on the show as Garner. This will change the dynamic of the character in a massive way. Right now, I can't figure out who the Big Bad will be this season between Lash/Garner and Ward.

I figured a third player in the Big Bad revelation might of been Rosalind Price, the leader of the ATCU. They really playing up the "this chick is a cold, hard bitch" stereotype at the beginning of the season. But that has shrunken a bit with this episode. Coulson and Price were close this week, and Price showed Coulson the ATCU base. We finally learned what Price has been doing with her captured Inhumans. Its not humane if you were wondering, but its not torturous, not quite at least. I know that sentence didn't make sense, because its tough to explain. There is a shade of gray to Price, and we learned that she lost a loved one to an Inhuman, and the government may have found a cure for the effects of becoming an Inhuman. It would make for an interesting angle if true, and I am curious to see how this story-line plays out. I think Constantine Zimmer is doing a good job as Price, and I can't wait to see how her relationship with Coulson develops.

Lots happened tonight, and I think the show is really good with its transitions. Never did it feel jumbled. Never did it feel rushed or slow or anything in between. The show has improved in how it juggles its multiple character arcs and development. The actors are devouring everything they are being asked to do, and the audience (at least myself) is buying into it. There are lots of wheels turning in this season, and I am getting more and more excited to learn the outcome.

What did everyone else think?

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