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"Minority Report" has been tough sailing for me so far. I am trying to focus on the good of the show, I am trying to look over what makes the show good and where to find the potential, but that is growing harder and harder each week. It can be a bit aggravating when a show has some potential, but its throwing all its focus in the wrong places. "Minority Report" has been a show that has relied on its gimmicks instead of focusing on how it could be different. Tonight, was a little different I thought. I want to caution the word different in a big way, but hey it didn't feel like the rest of the season as a whole, so that was good at least.

Dash, Arthur and Vega go to see Agatha in Fiddler's Neck, a remote part of the state of Maryland where the triplets were dumped after PreCrime ended. It has become its own world with its own rules, almost sovereign from the United States. There are some interesting affects, apparently the city of Fiddler's Neck was partially sunk after global warming, which is what lead to Fiddler's Neck becoming its own entity. The town even has its own law enforcement called The Guard. Dash and Arthur pick up on a potential murder, something so hard that even Agatha is picking up on it, and she apparently hasn't had a vision in years. 

That wasn't the biggest focus of the episode though, the biggest focus revolved around Agatha. I liked that Agatha was front and center this episode. I have found it interesting that so far, we never really knew if she was a good person or a bad person, and even though that question is mostly answered in this episode, it provided some much needed character development. She has a little bit of a romance in this episode, and the show connects to the potential murder of the episode through this romance. The episode also showed how Fiddler's Neck isn't exactly what it seems. It seems cliche I know, but I would be lying if I wasn't entertained by it in some capacity.

I would love it if the show ended up making more episodes like this. Its not totally a cop show with a gimmick, and what it offers on the side may not be happily original, but it was an episode that had its charms. I liked that the episode got our heroes out of the city and had them doing stuff elsewhere. This episode was different compared to the other episodes, which felt wildly refreshing.

What did everyone else think?

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