Monday, October 19, 2015




Well, I have been pretty harsh on this show so far. Not because I feel like I need to or to be cool. I just feel its an overall lazy show, with interests that I think should move front and center. The show tried something new tonight, again. Its kind of semi-new since the show doesn't seem to want to lose track of being a police show. But they tried to make us care about the characters a little bit. While I think that's important for any show, I am not sure if comes of shallow or comes off convincing.

The entire episode revolves around the night Detective Vega's father was murdered, which happened conveniently before PreCrime started. With the help of Dash and his brother Arthur, who both can see the vision better, and Detective is able to put in the pieces. What is supposed to be a huge emotional scene for Vega just falls flat. It falls just as flat when Detective Vega confronts her father's killer, seemingly for revenge. Again, the scene falls painfully flat, because all of the character development just feels forced instead of natural.

I think the proposed big moments in this episode fall flat because there hasn't been any development over the first four episodes. This show is so sharply focused on being a police show that it treats the characters paper-thin. So when something important happens in their character arcs, it feels like an entirely different show. It feels disconnected to what else is going on in the show. Plus, the big showdown between Vega and her father's killer is treated in such cliche, so desperately trying to tackle our heartstrings that it comes off artificial. None of the emotions were earned and none of the drama is earned because we just don't know these people. They have been big types the first four episodes that all of sudden becoming characters comes off silly. If the show made us care about these people earlier, I think the emotions the episodes were trying to convey would have hit harder.

I did like the subplot of discovering what our government had in the Precogs before the program was shut down. There was a character played by the great Reed Diamond who was thinking about rebooting that government idea and that this might lead Vega to betray Dash so the Precogs can become governmental tools. I am interested in that story, and I hope a healthy chunk of the first season explores this. Because this ordinary show isn't doing it for me.

What did everyone else think?

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  1. i think they should have had her talk about her dad in every episode just like they have agatha worry in every episode. i wish she weren't so reserved so that when her mom collapses she could have shown a little emotion too. i didn't think the confrontation with the killer was cliche. i think she didn't shoot only because the kid showed up, cliche would be dash talking her down.