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Tonight's episode borrows its title of an essay written by Albert Camus, a wicked little piece of philosophy. In Camus' essay, he discusses how the absurdities and futilities of men and how we continually search for the meaning of life. Camus uses Sisyphus, a figure in Greek Mythology who was doomed to continually push a boulder up a mountain, just to watch it fall down the mountain again. This was Camus' grand metaphor, that finding happiness and meaning in life is absurd and we shouldn't fall over ourselves trying to find meaning in this world, or we will never be happy.

In tonight's episode, the essay's metaphor is compared to the struggle Lou Solverson in this season of the show. Lou Solverson started this story trying to find what happened to Rye Gerhardt, and after tonight's episode, he realizes just how hard that will be and how dangerous it will be. How is Solverson expected to find Rye when he is continually being surrounded by enemies? Will his search to find Rye end up being meaningless if he doesn't complete his search due to death? Does this render the search ultimately absurd?

Tonight's episode had some of the best stand-offs of the season so far. There was a moment when Solverson was escorted to the Gerhardt farm, as he demanded to talk to him because his fingerprints were found on the gun found in last week's episode. There is an intimidating stand-off between Solverson and Dodd Gerhardt (Jeffrey Donovan). Both Patrick Wilson and Donovan are outstanding in the scene, and I love how completely calm Solverson is in the midst of being outnumbered and outgunned at the farm. Solverson also has a stand-off with Mike Milligan, the character Bokeem Woodbine played. I was absolutely mesmerized by Woodbine's work last week, and once again, he delivers another amazing performance. In a show full of stars, I am loving that Woodbine is sticking out in a huge way. He doesn't have as many scenes in this episode, but he certainly makes the most of his time.

Ed and Peggy Blumquist also finally decide to get rid of the car Peggy hit Rye with in the season premiere. Though the idea never comes across the minds of Ed or Peggy. Peggy is visited at work by Hank Larsson (Ted Danson), and they are discussing how Rye disappearance could be due to a hit and run. The discussion leads to one of the biggest laughs of the season so far, even if it is derived from one of the biggest cliches ever. Now it seems the Blumquists could be in the clear for now. You can never know for sure with "Fargo."

One thing I didn't mention during the season premiere was that Rye saw what looked like a UFO, which is why he got hit by Blumquist's car in the first place. There was some small talk about aliens in the sky this episode, so there was some significance to what Rye saw that night he killed three people. How will aliens work their way into this story? I have no idea, but its clearer with each new episode that this is going to be absolutely nothing like the first season. This season has a life of its own, and it this looks to be an even weirder season than last.

What did everyone else think?

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