Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Prophet's Prey Review

Prophet's Prey Review
Sometimes, there is nothing scarier than the truth.

If you have kept up on current events, then you probably know all about Warren Jeffs and the Fundalmentalist Church of Latter-Day Saints. You know for many years he rose to power within the church and the congregation who follows Jeffs live isolated from the outside world, and to put it in the best way possible, dress like its the 1880's. Jeffs was charged with child molestation, rape, child labor and host of other crimes and is currently serving a life sentence plus twenty years. Yet still being in jail, he rules his congregation with an iron hand. Its a sickening, sad, true story and those emotions elevated after viewing this documentary which smudges your face in the ugliness of Jeff's teaching.

We follow two private detectives as they still currently try their hardest to break into the world of the Fundalmentalist Church of Latter-Day Saints. They have been following the FLDS since Warren took up power, and we get in depth look at the church on a whole. We see a brief history of how the church came into being. We learn that Warren Jeffs may or may not have killed his father in order to grab hold of the church. We learn how Warren celebrates multiple wives and how he molested several children. Sadly, we also learn how all so much police work over the years has done nothing to drop the church of itself.

The film focuses lots of how brainwashed the people of the church are, but one observation stings more than most. One of the private detectives discussed how brainwashing really isn't apart of it. These people are so hardwired to their culture and religion that they may never give up their beliefs. You see this motif over and over again in the movie, and I believe it. Not just with the FLDS, but every single religion out there. I am not sure words like brainwashing and mind-control can be real phrases to pin on religion. When someone grows up in a certain culture and belief system, that culture and those beliefs imprint on you. The more you grow up in ground zero, the harder it is to break away from those beliefs. I believe this is why the FLDS is still 10,000 strong even after Warren Jeffs has been in prison for so long.

This is a very effective documentary, but lots of it is hard to watch. It is very spooky to watch. I have been working at a daycare for over two years now, and any sort of harm pertaining to kids effects me more than it ever has before. So many parts of this movie had a hard effect on me. All the child labor, all the children betraying their parents, the stories of molestation, its awful. There is a great fear that this movie tapped into because of it, and how it still goes on irks my core.

"Prophet's Prey" leads us to the front door of darkness and it won't let you leave until it has told you its story. Its a movie that scared me more than the most brutal of horror fiction. Its also one bizarre, brutally sad history lesson.


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