Thursday, October 29, 2015

Jessica Jones Trailer

I saw this trailer about a week ago, and I have been thinking about it for awhile. I am just in awe of how well Marvel has been doing lately. When you have been a fan of something for so long and it enters a brand hew medium and the people behind it make it work over and over and over again, its amazing how awesome it can be. The first season of Daredevil blew me away. I figured it would be good, and I thought the initial trailers for it looked good. I just didn't quite understand how good. I never expected it to be as great as it was. I wonder if they expected to get a second season of the show so quickly.

This November, the second part of Marvel's Netflix mini-adventure will hit our TVs. Jessica Jones is a very different character compared to Daredevil. She is a private investigator, she has superpowers, she had a brief stint as a superhero that didn't pan out. Not only that, but she married Luke Cage and they became one of the first (if not, THE first and THE ONLY) interracial couple in comic books. That's pretty cool. The first trailer was released last week, and it looks like another slam dunk for Marvel and Netflix. I like that the show will be incorporating more superpower stuff into the show, while also making it dangerous and adult. I don't know much about Krysten Ritter outside of "Breaking Bad," but she sold me on Jessica Jones here. David Tennant as Kilgrave seems creepy perfect and Mike Colter looks to be a good Luke Cage.

If you dug "Daredevil" then I heavily encourage you to check out "Jessica Jones" in November. The show also takes place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and because of that, I will review the show when it airs. I look forward to seeing how this story connects with everything going on in this massive, moving story.

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