Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Who Played It Best? Jed Eckert

Who Played It Best? Jed Eckert

The first "Red Dawn" was awfully scary when it came out. In 1984, the Cold War was in full swing and after several moments in history when the Cold War nearly went hot, an invasion of the United States really wasn't out of the realm of possibility. We made propaganda movies during the second World War and you better believe that we made propaganda movies during the Cold War. Something had to keep our spirits up while the battle for the world to become communist or democratic hung in a shaky balance. The best of them was "Red Dawn," which was as simple what if story. It said, what if Russia invaded us? It follows a small group of young Americans as they create a militia to fend off the communist invasion. A version of this movie was remade in 2012...wait, what? If the Cold War ended in 1991, how could the movie be remade? In 2012, the enemy wasn't the Warsaw Pact, but North Korea. In both movies, the militia is trained by a Jed Eckert, who was as soldier before become an American guerrilla. He was played by Patrick Swayze in 1984 and by Chris Hemsworth in 2012, so who played him best?

My Two Cents
This is a tough week, because both actors did a great job in the role. Hemsworth was one of the best parts of the remake, which is saying something because the remake was just kind of...meh. The original felt much more believable and urgent, because something like that could have actually happened at the time. I just can't see North Korea doing a full blown invasion on us and being successful at it, unless they had a tremendous amount of help. Still, I don't think they are in a place to invade us or any country for that matter, so the remake felt slightly unbelievable. That said, Hemsworth surely acted his ass off, and it paid off for him. Swayze on the other hand, did fantastic work as well. Both actors made you buy into the premise of the movie, they made themselves feel like they were war-born heroes, and both actors brought lots of weight and emotion to the roles. Its a tough decision this week, no doubt.

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