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Who Played It Best? The Fantastic Four

Who Played It Best? The Fantastic Four
The "Fantastic Four" have always been popular in comics because they don't really feel like any other group. They aren't like The Avengers or The Justice League; huge legions of bountiful egos. They aren't like The X-Men who righteously looking for a safe haven. They are a family of popular superheroes who have no problem being in the public eye. They are the family superhero equivalent of the Kardashians. They are supposed to be whimsical, comic and fun and so far, Fox has not been able to grasp that. What seems like fairly straightforward material always wraps the studio in a  hump. They either make it too light (2005) or just make too somber (2015). With two tanking franchises, I am itching to know who played the team best.

My Two Cents
I think for this one, some actors from both incarnations can overlap. Looking at Mr. Fantastic for instance, Ioan Gruffudd was a magnificent Reed Richards, almost as if he was chiseled out of the comic books themselves, I had no zero hope for Miles Teller in the role, but as I stated in my review, he did surprise me. No matter how much I am shocked by Teller delivering, I can't get past how perfect Gruffudd was in the role, and he had he worked from a better script...oh my God, we would have been in for a treat. Chris Evans is also the blatant winner in my book for Johnny Storm. I like Michael B. Jordan, but the character he played? Not Johnny Storm. Not by a long shot. I don't know who the fuck that was but it wasn't Johnny Storm. The character Chris Evans created WAS Johnny Storm, through and through. For Sue Storm, I would go with Kate Mara. Sue might have been a blank of a character in the new movie, but Mara still did a much better job that Jessica Alba did. But the Thing? That's hard, because I felt both Micheal Chiklis and Jamie Bell were both awesome in the thing. Again, they both had poor, poor scripts to work from, but they both did well. I think if my life depended on it though, I would give the edge to Chiklis, there is just that one scene when he finds love in rock form in the first movie that is so on-the-nose perfect, I just can't see another actor doing those dimensions as perfect as he could.

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