Monday, July 13, 2015

Suicide Squad Trailer

After I heard such good things from the DC panel at this past weekends San Diego Comic-Con, I was pumped to see this. It will be fascinating seeing a superhero movie being told from the other side of the coin, the darker side of spectrum. "Suicide Squad" will kind of be the first of its kind, a movie told from the super villains point of view instead of a hero.

I think its extra fascinating how DC is approaching this film. Amanda Waller (Viola Davis), a anti-Nick Fury if you will, discusses building a team in the trailer. She wants this special team to be as dangerous as possible, and its no secret the people she's recruiting have special abilities. She talks about how Superman may have been a beacon, a sort of calling for these super-powered people to come out of their shell. But it is also clear that these characters have history together, and it will be interesting to see the DC cinematic universe unfold simply because it will open right in the middle of everything. When "Iron Man" came out in 2008, it was basically the beginning of a huge story, whereas the characters in the DC cinematic universe will have been operating for God knows how long, and I am curious to see how these stories play out because of that.

The casting of Viola Davis as Amanda Waller is perfect, the kind of perfect Marvel received when they hired Robert Downey Jr. for Iron Man. She is about to prove to the world she was born to play this part. I am equally eager to see Margarot Robbie as Harley Quinn, she looks awesome in this trailer, truly awesome and watching her play off of Jared Leto's Joker will be superb. Oh yes, you see Leto in action. It may only be for a little bit, but we see a glimpse of him. This isn't a Ledger impression folks, its not a Nicholson impression either. Leto's Joker, tattoos and all, will be a complete reinvention of the character and I give WB credit for at least giving us something different, even if I am not totally sold on his appearance yet.

You don't see a lot of Will Smith in action, but he's fine in the footage we do see.

After several years of the Marvel template, and after being familiar with "X-Men" and "Batman" and "Superman" over the years, it is going to be really cool to see something so different. Believe everything you've read so far. It seems "Suicide Squad" will be a weird, haunting, crazy movie. It is going to change the way we view comic book adaptations. Honestly, I can hardly wait.

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