Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Overlooked Film of the Week- "The Guest" (2014)

Overlooked Film of the Week- #100

The Guest
I haven't written in my "Overlooked Film of the Week" column it what seems like a lifetime. Not because I ran out of films to write about, nor because I had nothing left to say. I noticed awhile back that I was coming on number one hundred and I tried to make the one hundredth addition to this column something special. It was at this point that I hit a severe case of writers block. I thought, each of these movies I present in this column I feel are special. These are the movies that don't have the big studio marketing money getting thrown at them, and the way they circulate is through word-of-mouth. Too bad, because I think each and every one of these films deserves a fair shot to make the box office big bucks. Because all of these movies are vastly superior compared to your average blockbuster. So while I theme out my column sometimes, I am not going to do something special every time a big number comes along, I feel the time I am taking to write about these movies is what makes them special in the first place.

And you can better believe that "The Guest" is something very special.

I am not going to plunge too much into plot, because the less you know about "The Guest" the better. It can be described as "The Boy Next Door." Yes, that shitty Jennifer Lopez movie that came out earlier this year. But make no mistake, this is "The Boy Next Door" but better. It is not about some guy who has a creepy crush on a mature woman. It is about a mysterious man who stumbles into the life of an ordinary family. This family's son died overseas in the military, and this stranger was apparently in his company. You may be able to predict where this movie goes, as the stranger begins to come off as the perfect person, touching the lives of everyone he comes in contact with, even though its clear he has sinister intentions. What are those sinister intentions? That is what you will find out. The movie doesn't go in the direction you think it will go, even though your brain may tell you otherwise. Plus, the road to get to the end is full of fun and mayhem and by the end, you may not care that some parts where a tad predictable.

One reason "The Guest" will resonate so much with you relies on its lead performance. I don't know much about Dan Stevens, I never heard of him before this. After seeing "The Guest," I can officially declare that I want to see him in every movie for the rest of existence. He is a god in this movie and he delivers an excellent performance. At first his performance may seem like its "going through the motions," but the way Stevens plays the character is so precise, so calculated, so dangerous that you will be glued to the TV every time he appears. This is a guy who could become as star at anytime so remember, you heard it here first.

"The Guest" rolls the man-on-a-mission movie with action and political intrigue. Then it also has the guts to splash into slasher territory. Yes, its true, "The Guest" is one wild ride, and it may feel familiar to lots of you, but the way it is executed makes it feel very original. I don't want to give anything away, because this is a movie that deserves for you to go in cold turkey. This is on Netflix right now, check it out.

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