Tuesday, July 21, 2015

American Ultra trailer

American Ultra trailer
For a business that tries to sell even though the final product may not be good, I sometimes feel like I have seen it all. Sometimes a lot of movies do the same thing, go through the same motions. Sometimes, its easy for a lot of people to predict how something will begin and end. There are certain actors who get type-cast, and you can already identify the character they will play based upon them being on a poster. Based on this, you can figure out who you like and dislike.
But there are times when I am amazed that I am excited to see something full of actors I normally dislike.
I have never been a huge fan of Kristen Stewart, Jesse Eisenberg or Topher Grace. Yet, I am intrigued by "American Ultra," a new comedy coming out soon. What looks like another, standard stoner comedy looks to be filled with unexpected action. This could be another "Pineapple Express" where action and comedy compliment each other satisfactorily. I am always up for completely changing my view of an actor. I originally hated everything about Channing Tatum and thought he would never amount to anything more than another Hollywood pretty boy. But he's turned his career around in a big way, and now I anticipate his presence. Ten years ago, I would have scoffed at the notion of Ben Affleck playing Batman. But I think over the years, he's matured a lot as an artist. Maybe him sitting the director's chair helped with that a bit, who knows. I really think he's going to silence the naysayers next year, and I really hope he does.
You maybe surprised by what you see in this trailer for "American Ultra" and it just might be good.

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