Thursday, June 25, 2015

Who Played It Best? Agent K

Who Played It Best? Agent K
"Men In Black" is a movie I absolutely love. I have discussed before I genuinely like movies about aliens in general. But when this movie came out, I was still pretty young. I had already seen several movies with aliens in them. Big ones, little ones, action-packed ones, emotional ones, and I generally loved them all. But even so young, I noticed something different about "Men In Black." It had a style unlike any I had ever seen up until that point, and I think it helped change the landscape of science fiction in general. I love Tommy Lee Jones as Agent K, but I am equally blown away that two people have already played Agent K. So, who played him best?

My Two Cents:
I love Josh Brolin. He has quickly become one of my all-time favorite actors. But I don't think we saw enough of him to really gauge what he could do with the character. This installment I predict, will come down who had the most time to make the character theirs. In this case, I believe it is Tommy Lee Jones. He helped set the standard for this character. He helped set the stage for this character. He was the first person out of the gate to play to this character. Brolin only played the character once, while Jones had the character for two and-a-half movies. Therefore I give the edge to Jones.

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