Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Good Dinosaur teaser trailer

I am hoping 2015 ends up being a replenish year for Pixar.

Even though I have somewhat of a blind allegiance to Pixar, I have to say that their output as whole within the last five years hasn't matched everything they've done between 1995-2010. Yes "Toy Story 3" was a great, great, great movie, but did it really warrant prequels and sequels from every other Pixar property? I don't think so. I even think "Brave" is a lesser story compared to the gold of "The Incredibles," "Up," "Monster's Inc." and "Ratatouille." It seems within the last five years, other animation companies have been stepping up in big ways, and Pixar has been second tier at best when its stepped up to bat.

That could all change this year. What's great about "Inside Out" and now "The Good Dinosaur," is that they are original ideas from Pixar. I think the studio is at their best when they are playing with original stories. Yes, I love them for everything "Toy Story" but their other sequels have never matched that trilogy, not by a mile. Pixar is really on when they are tearing up in stand alone stories.

One thing about the "The Good Dinosaur" trailer is that it reminds me of "Dinosaur." The shitty Disney movie that came out in 2000. I think audiences who remember that movie will have a hard time not comparing "The Good Dinosaur" to it. But hey, this is a teaser trailer. We don't get anything resembling a story. So let's wait and see a full trailer before we start judging, okay?

Check out the trailer below and lets cross our fingers for Pixar.

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