Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Mockingjay Part II Trailer!

The time is finally upon us, or at least will be shortly.

Katniss will come head-to-head with President Snow, Panem will decided if they will bow to the Capitol or to revolution. Come November 20th of this calendar year, we will see a new future in Panem, lets hope it is a blessed one.

The trailer looks pretty dramatic and I hope this is the epic conclusion it is promising. I recently watched Part I with my girlfriend not too long ago, and it still gets to me that Lionsgate couldn't have made it any clearer that they chopped Mockingjay in half to make more money, instead of creative purposes. I hope that not only this is an epic finale, but that it doesn't render the first film useless.

Check out the trailer below. Looks awesome

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