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Badasses on the Bayou Review

Badasses on the Bayou Review
The "Badass" movies kind of sprung out of nowhere.
In the first "Badass," we follow Frank Vega (Danny Trejo), who is sickened by the scum of his city. On a public bus, he stands up to some punks and becomes a YouTube sensation afterwards. In "Badasses," Vega goes after more people in the criminal underworld and this time, enlists the help of Bernie Pope (Danny Glover) for help in his crusade. These movies stylish little revenge films and nothing more. They are fun for what they are and what they represent.
"Badasses on the Bayou" is nothing different. I like that Trejo and Glover return for this third outing. I love Danny Trejo period. For a guy who has been restricted to the background in tough guy movies, he stands out in a big way in this series. I think Trejo has a charisma fueled personality that goes underappreciated in the world of action filmmaking, and I am glad he has this outlet to embrace his best qualities. Danny Glover spends lots of time on these movies channeling "Lethal Weapon," but I am not sure that's a horrible thing.
These movies are simple in storytelling and simple in execution, which makes them all the more harmless. Basically, Vega and Pope have become best friends as this third film starts, and they are invited to the wedding of a relative of Pope. This wedding takes them down to Louisiana. When the relative is kidnapped for ransom, its Vega and Pope who lead the charge is rescuing the relative from the bad guys. A movie can't get more simpler than that, and while there is plenty of fun to be had in experiencing this, there are no risk factors about it. The film plays out just about as you would expect and it is plainly predictable. However, there is still enough fun and action to enjoy yourself.
Everybody is fine in this movie. There are several zany one-liners and moments of over-acting, which is all part of the fun. I have to especially point out the work by Loni Love, the relative who gets kidnapped before her big wedding. This is another great example of how women's roles in films are beginning to change. Loni Love's character isn't the simple, she has attitude and she makes her stay with her captors more of a pain than they expect, and she is constantly coming off as somebody who can take care of herself. She gets some big laughs in several moments of the film and I loved them all. This is not a simple case of a woman being the damsel in distress because these movies require that, this is trying to be above the herd and it all works.
So yeah, "Badasses on the Bayou" is fresh action fluff. It is completely harmless and it will satisfy that action itch whenever you decide to watch it. I have had great fun from this series so far, and just for Danny's sake, I hope its allowed to continue.

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