Friday, May 15, 2015

Captain America: Civil War set photos

Hints of the cast for the highly-anticipated "Captain America: Civil War" has had fans in an uproar for several weeks. It sounds like "Captain America 3" is going to be "Avengers 2 1/2" in all of the glory of that concept. I always thought that Civil War should have been called "Marvel's Civil War," simply because I believe the event is bigger than one or two characters, but that's just me. With all of these characters making up this story, I hope Marvel doesn't forget that this is a Captain America movie first and foremost. If they don't forget its a Captain America movie, will we witness the Marvel Civil War in all of its glory?

I know, I know. Why am I complaining now? The Russo brothers are returning to direct (they did a great job on "The Winter Soldier"), so there is no need to think the movie is in the wrong hands. It's just clear to me that each of these MCU movies are actually directed by Kevin Fiege and whomever else he hires. But, now its time to get off the hobby horse and take a peak at the set photos which hit the internet today. We get a nice look at Steve Rogers in action, as well as his new bestie Sam Wilson who is decked out in a new costume. We get a great look at Frank Grillo, who has definitely become Crossbones now.

Also, whose funeral is it?
The British flag has me worried. Will Peggy Carter pass away in this movie??

Here are a couple with Scarlet Johannson.

Like I said above, I love Grillo's costume. Everybody looks great.

What do you think of them?


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