Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Movie March Madness Bracket-Heroes vs. Villains- Round Two

The last four days of been a bloodbath of voting, and I am glad so many of you have enjoyed this so far.

Heroes vs. Villains is off to a terrific start and I think who did and did not make it to Round Two will both shock and excite all of you. These things are always polarizing, but this is all due to your votes, so please don't be mad if your favorite characters did not make the cut.

Below are the results of Round Two, remember that the voting session for Round Two will last from March 24th and will last until March 26th so get voting if you missed out on Round One. I have posted the characters rap sheets and hyperlinked them with each character's name. If one is done that is, I had absolutely no idea that these would take so long and I greatly apologize. I just wanted this to be as through as possible. I will get them done as fast as I can, but all the heroes are done, so look over this past month to read up on those.

Here is Round Two!

Tyler Durden (12) vs. Count Dracula (4)
Alexander DeLarge (11) vs. Darth Vader (3)
Lord Voldemort (10) vs. The Joker (2)
Walter White (1) vs. T-Bag (8)
The Governor (5) vs. Stewie Griffin (13)
The Borg (7) vs. President Frank Underwood (3)
Victoria Grayson (10) vs. Tony Soprano (2)
So that is Round Two, get voting!
James Bond (88% 0f vote), Marty McFly (12% of vote)
Ripley (56% of vote), Sarah Connor (44% of vote)
Atticus Finch (25% of vote), Godzilla (75% of vote)
Batman (89% of vote), Peter Venkman (11% of vote)
Gandalf (52% of vote), Captain James T. Kirk (48% of vote)
Indiana Jones (51% of vote), Katniss Everdeen (49% of vote)
Captain America (45% of vote), Harry Potter (55% of vote)
Luke Skywalker (84% of vote), Rocky Balboa (16% of vote)
Jack Bauer (90% of vote), Emma Swan (10% of vote)
Dexter Morgan (91% of vote), Jim Phelps (9% of vote)
Captain Jean-Luc Picard (49% of vote), Jon Snow (51% of vote)
B.A. Baracus (77% of vote), Spartacus (23% of vote)
Daryl Dixon (85% of vote), Oliver Queen (15% of vote)
Doctor Who (52% of vote), Xena (48% of vote)
Sheriff Andy Taylor (32% of vote), Michael Knight & KITT (68% of vote)
Buffy (71% of vote), Sonny Crockett & Ricardo Tubbs (29% of vote)
Dr. Hannibal Lecter (95% of vote), Reagan MacNeil (5% of vote)
T-1000 (45% of vote), Loki (55% of vote)
Freddy Krueger (45% of vote), Tyler Durden (55% of vote)
Count Dracula (55% of vote), Ernest Blofeld (45% of vote)
Maleficent (49% of vote), Alexander DeLarge (51% of vote)
Darth Vader (96% of vote), Norman Bates (4% of vote)
The Wicked Witch of the West (20% of vote), Lord Voldemort (80% of vote)
The Joker (97% of vote), Agent Smith (3% of vote)
Walter White (97% of vote), The Cigarette Smoking Man (3% of vote)
T-Bag (57% of vote), The Trinity Killer (43% of vote)
The Governor (58% of vote), Ben Linus (42% of vote)
Sideshow Bob (33% if vote), Stewie Griffin (67% of vote)
King Joffrey (33% of vote), The Borg (67% of vote)
President Frank Underwood (82% of vote), Lorne Malvo (18% of vote)
J.R. Ewing (25% of vote), Victoria Grayson (75% of vote)
Tony Soprano (96% of vote), "Nucky" Thompson (4% of vote)

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