Monday, March 23, 2015

Heroes vs. Villains: The Joker Rap Sheet

Heroes vs. Villains
The Joker Rap Sheet
Name: The Joker
From: "Batman" in 1989 and "The Dark Knight" in 2008
Bracket Placement: Movie Villains-2nd Seed
Background: Whether he was responsible for killing Bruce Wayne's parents or responsible for killing his childhood crush, The Joker has been a thorn in Batman's side for a little over 75 years now. He is a mysterious yet inferior criminal genius, who has several dangerous tricks up his sleeve. When he makes jokes, he is always the only one laughing, while everyone else is cowering in fear. He never wants to kill Batman, only relish in the vast many ways he can make him suffer. He is a sweeping storm that rips through Gotham every time he shows up in a movie.

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