Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Hero or Villain: TV Characters

Hero or Villain?
Yesterday, I invited you guys to help decide where certain anti-heroes in movies would end up on a heroes vs. villains bracket, if you are interested and missed it yesterday, CLICK HERE!
Now let's move onto TV anti-heroes, and much like within the movies, there have been several that could tow the line between light and dark. I have three anti-heroes from TV, and I need your help deciding, are they heroes or are  they villains?
Walter White
Ok, ok I get it. When "Breaking Bad" started, I understand that Walter White was in a very dark place. He has a son with a disability and he suddenly got cancer. What will his family live on when he dies? I suppose any chemistry teacher would consider making and distributing crystal meth, right? It seemed for the first several seasons, White's heart was in the right place. Then he got deeper and deeper in the criminal role, and I think the White that dies in the season finale is not the same White that we meet on the pilot episode. He truly was, the danger.

Dexter Morgan
So a guy, who has un-quenching urges to kill people, decides to focus on bad people and kill them for the greater good. Get rid of two birds with one stone essentially. If only every serial killer could be just like Dexter Morgan, would the world really be a better place? I won't try to talk around it, there are several heroes in this upcoming bracket who have killed. The thing is, the other heroes mostly don't have an undying need to do the deed. I think it is very symbolic that Dexter's police father trained him to go after bad people, just so he wouldn't go after his son later in life. Let's face it, Dexter destroyed many parts of his life, trying to keep his serial killing urges a secret. So is he really heroic when its said and done?

Stewie Griffin
"Is this Hell? Even I have to admit this is a little harsh. I mean, I did spend my whole life trying to kill my mother, but who hasn't?"

Depending on when or if you are a "Family Guy" fan, that will help you determine where Stewie lies when it comes to the light or the dark. For the first massive chunk of "Family Guy" life, Stewie tried to kill Lois, his mother. He also spend his time fantasizing about world domination, and if I had to guess, I don't think Stewie would rule with a warm hart and a soft hand. As the show slightly changed, so did Stewie. He became best pals with Brian, and even went back in time recently to stop him from dying. Not only that, but Stewie has gone back in time, several times I might add, in order to save the world. Is this enough to clear his name?

So like yesterday, you have until Friday to help with this. The bracket goes life on Friday. See  you then!

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