Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Hero Or Villain: Movie Characters

Last night, I announced my plan for this year's March-themed bracket and I can't wait to get underway. I have assembled a great list of heroes and villains from both TV and Movies, but there are some characters that I have a hard time categorizing. Tonight, we will look at anti-heroes from the world of movies, and you get to vote to decide whether or not you believe they are a hero or a villain. You have until the Friday to vote. Tomorrow I will post the anti-hero candidates from the world of television.

Here are my anti-heroes from Movies:

Yeah, I can easily see this going either way, depending on your history with the character. More often than not, when the character was first created, Godzilla was a monster who appeared and destroyed cities. But not too far into the character's future, Godzilla fought other monsters who threatened the world and looked more like an ally to humans than an enemy. But, we never understood if he was fighting for humanity or fighting just to fight. In the most recent movie featuring the character, Godzilla seemed more like a force of nature than anything that could be shoehorned into the good or bad category. Depending on what you think of a "force of nature," you will either think that is good or bad by itself. Still, Godzilla never communicates with us, which makes it tough to decide his allegiance.

Tyler Durden:
This will be an interesting one, because if you ask the average Generation X or Millenial, they would probably classify Durden as hero, and if you ask the average Baby Boomer, they will say villain. This will depend on how you view a consumerist society and what you made of "Fight Club" as a whole. It seems Durden has his heart in the right place, but destroying several credit card companies, as Edward Norton said, might be "too much."

Alexander De Large
Okay, Okay, this probably an easy one. Let's face it, it doesn't matter what message Alex is trying to send. Alex doesn't do one decent thing the entire movie. I mean, it opens with his gang beating up another gang, viciously hurting a homeless person and raping a woman in front of her husband. This all happens within the first half-hour. The thing is, while he's in prison, he volunteers for a governmental experiment that will turn him into a good person, with bad effects. By the end of the movie, he is just back to his formal self once he figures that people wanted to use him for political ends. I am sure an overwhelming majority will say villain, but I wonder if anybody will argue hero.

So are these guys...heroes or villains?

Let me know, you have until Friday!

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