Tuesday, February 10, 2015

TV REVIEW: "Agent Carter" (Episode 5, Season 1)

Well, if I could describe this episode in two words it would be "The Fugitive."
Peggy Carter (Haley Atwell) spent almost the entire episode on the run from her former employers. It seems her friend Daniel  Sousa (Enver Gjokaj) has found out that it was Peggy who went undercover at Spider's club on the first episode and he presumes she killed him working as a double agent, when all she was doing was try to clear Howard Starks name and regain his weapons. But she needs to prove her innocence, which it seems will probably take the rest of the mini-series to happen. As the episode drew to a close, the SSR were easily able to apprehend Carter after she was drugged by Dottie Underwood (Bridget Regan), an undercover for the Russian terrorist group Leviathan.
Carter's presumed betrayal seems to be the perfect diversion for Dr. Ichvenko (Ralph Brown) who was saved last week by Carter and the Howling Commandos at a Leviathan stronghold. It seems that not only is he working in congruence with Dottie and Leviathan, but he has some sort of mind-control device in his wedding ring which helps him gain influence throughout SSR. It seems Leviathan will stop at nothing in order to gain Stark's old arsenal. It seems Ichvenko and Dottie Underwood are quickly becoming the two villains I love to hate, and I am sure the rest of the audience maybe feeling the same way. They are easily making the choices that make me want to scream "NO!" at the television screen. I think the work being done by Brown and Regan is really good so far and they are both making believable obstacles for Carter and the SSR at large. Whether or not the rest of the SSR believes their existence yet. Regan in particular is really good being badass one moment then turning completely into the plucky, innocent girl the next, almost as if she is starring in a horror movie. Great stuff all around.
I can't remember anybody by the name Dr. Ichvenko from the comic books. So if you are wondering if there was an evil Russian scientist with mind control powers from the comics, I am sadly not the one to ask. I never really came across Leviathan in the comic books, but I know of their existence in the comics. It seems the use of this organization is perfect for adaptation during the early days of the Cold War and the show is doing a good job of playing on that anxiety. Judging by next week sneak peek, it seems there is going to be a wild finish on this little mini-series. While I feel like this may not be the freshest thing Marvel has attempted, it is still leaving me curious for more within these past few episodes, I hope the conclusion before March is something to be proud of.
What did everyone else think?

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