Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Who Played It Best? Sabretooth

Who Played It Best? Sabretooth
This one may not be fair this week, but sometimes I just get curious and I have to ask. For those of you who like the X-Men movies and really dig Wolverine, it should be noted that Wolverine and the supervillain Sabretooth are brothers. Yeah, they really didn't flesh that fact out in the first film, but they really began to cover it in the first Wolverine spin-off "X-Men Origins: Wolverine." It's too bad that movie didn't live up to its full potential but oh well. So that means we have seen two different versions of Wolverine's brother. The character first appeared in "X-Men" which came out in 2000 and Tyler Mane played him. I really never understood why 20th Century Fox completely blew off Mane for "Origins." I remember reading quite a bit that Mane really wanted to play the role again, but for some reason Live Schreiber was chosen for the role. So my question tonight is, who played it best?
My Two Cents
I am actually a lot more torn over this then I would have anticipated. I mean, the easy thing to say would be Schreiber is the winner, despite starring in the lesser movie. Even though "Origins" features problems galore, they really fleshed the character out, even if they did give the character horrible dialogue. Also, Schreiber was given loads more to do with the character than Mane ever did. Sadly, in the first "X-Men" movie, all Mane did was stand around and look intimidating, not the best thing to do with a character like Sabretooth. I think Schreiber did everything he was asked to do well, but there is just something off about his look. I appreciated something like what Mane did, simply because he had the look from the comics and he had a very commanding demeanor. I felt he almost spoke volumes by mere glances and stares. But, truth be told, Schreiber was given a lot more to do and he really ran with it, flaws and all. For that reason, I give the edge to Schreiber.
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Not too surprising there.

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