Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Who Played It Best? General Robert E. Lee

I can only imagine that when an actor plays a person who really walked the Earth, there is a little bit of intimidation in that. I think the United States has a lot of sins to answer for when it comes to the American Cold War, but I think General Robert E. Lee firmly believed in everything that he was doing, and it was easy to see how effortless it was for him to get people to follow him. He was a special kind of general, so it took a special kind of actor to bring him to life. Ronald F. Maxwell has a huge obsession with Civil War history, because he made two epic films about the terrible point in our history. Not only that, but he had two different incredible actors portray the beloved general, Martin Sheen played Robert E. Lee in 1993 for "Gettysburg" and Robert Duvall played the general ten years later for "Gods and Generals." So who played the character the best?

My Two Cents
I actually have a really good idea of who I would give the edge to. So much so that it just kind of jumps out at me. I think Martin Sheen did the best with the character, as good as Robert Duvall was, I don't think he ever made the character his own. It seems Duvall closely studied how Sheen played the part and he closely studied how the character was portrayed in Civil War reenactments, but I never once believe that he made the character his own. It is only Sheen who rose to prominence with the character, stamping his own unique signature on the character. Watch both movies back-to-back and I feel there is a night and day different between the characters. Therefore, I firmly give the edge to Martin Sheen in this round.

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