Tuesday, January 27, 2015

TV REVIEW: "Agent Carter" (Episode 3, Season 1)

While I have liked "Agent Carter" so far, I beginning to find it incredibly repetitive. Essentially, the show has been episode after episode of Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) going after various McGuffins for Howard Stark (Dominic Cooper) in order to clear his name for the American Government. All the while the government is hot on Carter's trail. That is exactly what happens in this instalment. Carter gets a McGuffin secured for Stark, its a weapon called the Blitzkrieg Button and it was sought after a crime boss named Mr. Mink played by Gregory Sporleder. Now, you may know Sporleder whether you realize it or not. He was the snarky villain in my personal favorite action movie of all time, "The Rock" from 1996. You may also remember him in a brief appearance in "True Romance" in 1993 or "Black Hawk Down" in 2001. I think he did a fairly good job tonight, despite being the monster of the week.
I kept hoping and hoping that this little mini-series would amount to more than this. I wanted this to be more than just McGuffins and Monsters of the Week. I wanted there to be more to the show than showing the misogynistic issues of the time period without having very much to say about them. So what does a show do to try and get a wider audience and keep it? Throw a few curveballs. First, a rift begins between Howard Stark and Peggy Carter. Apparently, one of Stark's weapons is tied to the Super Soldier serum and Steve Rogers' blood. This angers Peggy because she disagrees with Stark potentially making money off the guy she fell in love with. But honestly, that's a non piece of tension. We know from the previous movies that Howard Stark and Peggy Carter are crucial to starting S.H.I.E.L.D. so obviously they won't be mad at each other for long. Its like "Gotham" ending a show with a cliffhanger involving James Gordon coming to harm. We know Gordon won't die, because he's bound to be the Commissioner, its the same sort of thing with "Agent Carter."
But the best part of tonight's episode was the climax. We were expecting a fist-fight between Carter and Mr. Mink when Mr. Mink is surprisingly killed by one of Carter's neighbors. Who is this sweet neighbor? Is wanting to help Peggy Carter? Or harm her? Is she going to help jump-start S.H.I.E.L.D. or will she emerge as the Big Bad? I don't know, but when that moment occurred, I sat up in my seat, anxious to see what happens next.
So tonight's episode may not have been overly-exciting, and the series is beginning to become one-note at this point. But it seems there is still life in some of the story threads. I hope that benefits the show overall, I hope it amounts to more than just the same thing each week. What did you guys think?

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