Thursday, January 29, 2015

Ted 2 Trailer!

Back in 2012, I enjoyed the hell out of "Ted." It's a movie that sits proudly in my collection and I just love everything about it. I had a feeling that if it opened big, there would be a sequel. And not too surprisingly, there is a sequel. Now, sequels are always nerve-racking, especially in the comedy arena. How do the filmmakers go forward with these characters? How do they create a story that doesn't feel like treading water?

Telling from the trailer, it looks like this is going to be an original story, thank God. I think its safe to say that "Ted" was mainly about the Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis characters, and Ted was more of a supporting character. For what I can tell, it looks like Ted is going to be the main character in this sequel, and it seems the story is going to revolve around him. I have no problem with it, the story seems ridiculous, in a way that I think only Seth MacFarland could pull off. I like that it looks like most of the cast is returning for the sequel (except I don't see Mila Kunis anywhere???). I also have to say that I am excited and curious to see what Amanda Deyfried, Morgan Freeman and John Slattery bring to this material. We know that Liam Neeson was cast in the movie, yet I don't see him anywhere in the trailer, perhaps he has a big surprise, awesome scene?

All I know, is that in the world of cinema, it should be a blessing when a comedic sequel tries to do something different from the original. I like that MacFarland had it in him to do something different, yet make something funny. I hope that is the case this summer.

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