Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Who Played It Best? Carrie White

Who Played It Best? Carrie White
"Carrie" was the first Stephen King book I ever read.
Little did I know I was getting my first taste of my favorite author ever.
I always loved "Carrie" because it was a warped version of "Cinderella." What if Cinderella didn't need a fairy godmother and she was born with amazing powers. Instead of having everything given to her by magic, she WAS the magic? With that said, what if she used that power to kill? That's what made "Carrie" so interesting to me. That and I think King did a great job tackling something like bullying in his novel and used to tell a great story. Its hard to write something personal into something as high concept as "Carrie" was, but I think he pulled it off. So far, there have been two movies made about the book that help out King on the map, as well as one mini-series. While I could have included the mini-series, I decided to let the movie interpretations compete with each other. So did Sissy Spacek do better or Chloe Moretz?
My Two Cents
I'm not trying to be too bias here, but I loved the first "Carrie" movie from the 70's and didn't much care for the remake last year. A big reason why one flick worked over the other was the casting. The casting is always important, whether your adapting a popular book or making an original idea off of a nothing budget. Casting can either torpedo your movie toward success or failure. Sissy Spacek gave me nightmares when I saw the first "Carrie," nightmares. Those eyes just freak me out every time, her style of playing an anti-social teenager was spot-on. I think it also says something that Spacek only starred in eight movies before nabbing the Carrie role, when Moretz actually had quite the career before Carrie. I think Moretz was completely wrong for the role. I don't want to sound desensitized, but Moretz is a little too pretty for the role of Carrie, and she just seemed to be such a flavor of the week that it came off odd as a casting choice. I feel Spacek was perfect in every way, thus my edge is for her.
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