Monday, December 22, 2014

Have You Seen The Epic "Marvel Vs. DC" fake trailer?

One thing I love about this country and what I love about being a movie-obsessed person is watching everyone else's reaction to what I am watching. I also thank my stars every day that YouTube is a real thing that is a mere click away on my computer.

Over the years, I have seen seemingly hundreds of fake trailers for coming attractions. Some have  been cool, others have been horrendous, and others were on the brink of perfection. Seriously, some of these people who make these fake trailers should go get jobs as editiors in Hollywood, because I believe they would make a fortune. The person behind the brilliant "Marvel vs. DC" trailer is profoundly one of those people.

Marvel vs. DC was a fun comic which put the best of worlds against each other at one time. It was basically a What If issue which pitted each of these iconic companies together. In the comic, Hulk fought Superman, Batman fought Captain America, Silver Surfer vs. Green Lantern, X-Men's Storm clashed with Wonder Woman. It was pretty epic, although I think there was a slight bias for the DC staple. No matter, it was a cool concept. The concept just gave birth to an awesome fake trailer.

The fake trailer is so good that I want this to be a reality. But I highly doubt anything like this will ever happen. "Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice" is one thing, "The Avengers" is one thing, "Marvel vs. DC" is something else. Marvel is still struggling right now to acquire all of their character under one studio banner, how does one studio or the other plan on getting rights to everybody? I'd love for WB and Disney to come together for something like this, but I doubt it would ever happen. I am not sure WB or Disney would ever settle on a monetary agreement. Even though the billions of dollars this film would inevitably bring in would be enough to satisfy even the most stern of studio executives.

But that's the beauty of YouTube, to allow us to dream. Like I said already, the best fake trailer for anything on the internet right now. For everyone involved in the making of this trailer, bravo!

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