Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Cinderella International Trailer

I don't really know what my stance is on "Cinderella."

One idea is that I don't really understand the need for Disney to give their entire classic catalogue the live-action treatment. (Some of those titles are getting two live-action treatments.) I hate it when studios make a movie solely based on making money, because believe it or not, it shows. It shows in the script, and if a script is off, the performances and direction can be off. Another idea is that it could completely surprise me, and be a wondrous adaptation.

I like Kenneth Branagh. I think he is a great director. I thought his work on the first "Thor" movie was superb, and he really set the stage for the character and got his mythology on the right foot. "Dead Again" was a great movie from the 90's. Even when Branagh got his Shakespeare on with "Henry V," it came out well on the other end. If Branagh can tackle Marvel and Shakespeare in a masterful way, can he do the same with a classic fairy tale?

The trailers for the movie haven't done much for me. Especially since it feels like the trailers have given up all the footnotes already. If there is anybody who is different to all things "Cinderella," then there would be absolutely no need to see this movie. I don't know how this will play out, but as always, my mind is completely open.

Cinderella will open March 13

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