Thursday, November 6, 2014

You Will Not Believe What Pixar Studios is planning in 2017...

What made Pixar so unbelievable was not their memorable characters and cutting-edge animation, it was how well they told their stories. The stories Pixar created from 1995 to 2010 felt like fables, that could be identified by anybody of any age. They revolutionized what could be done with animated storytelling and literally broke down boundaries.

Then after 2010, they seemed to slow down. They felt more like a business than ambitious studio and they seemed more oriented around making sequels and prequels instead of following natural thoughts. This transition really showed. With all of that said, I did enjoy the "Toy Story" trilogy. I was baffled that Pixar could keep their unique template and explore it within a series of films. I was proud that they could make an emotionally-charged movie inside three films. That is horrifically tough to pull off. Look at "Matrix: Revolutions," or "T3," or "Godfather Part III" or even "The Dark Knight Rises."  (Christopher Nolan even seemed hesitant about making a third Batman movie due to the third movie curse.) The third entry in a franchise is the hardest to pull off and Pixar made "Toy Story 3" look effortless.

So it boggles my mind that Pixar announced today that FOURTH "Toy Story" movie is coming in 2017.

First of all, is there really a huge demand for a fourth "Toy Story" movie? If there is, then please God, somebody tell me why. Why would Pixar want to possibly tarnish a valuable, cherished film franchise with an un-needed fourth film? What if the fourth film is bad? What if the fourth film doesn't come close to comparing to the rest of the franchise? The last time this happened, it was Steven Spielberg and Indiana Jones, and that franchise seems almost frowned upon by today's standards. Second of all, Looking at Pixar's track record, they are not up to par where they used to be. I hope "Inside Out" changes that next year, but even "Brave" didn't seem to have the same magic older Pixar used to have. Could it be that this once legendary animation studio has run out of ideas? I have never seen such a rush to create so many sequels to host of beloved properties. I can't imagine Pixar is having money problems, so what gives?

I don't know if studios asked themselves these questions. Perhaps Pixar looks at "Toy Story" and can only see dollar signs and they are not putting in much logic into their decisions. If there truly is a good (and I do mean really good) reason to return to these beloved characters, then I guess I will be for it. However, if Pixar dares to turn this series of films that I have treasured in my heart and soul since I was five into a money machine, I will riot. End of story.


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