Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Who Played It Best? Magneto

Who Played It Best? Magneto
We all know of a little movie called "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" and most of us remember hating it. But during this mysterious time, Fox had not one, but several Origin movies ready to go. One of those X-Men Origin movies was going to revolve around Magneto. We all can agree that Wolverine is quite popular in the movies. That is due to the fact that they found the perfect actor to play him, all Hugh Jackman had to do was step in and not fuck up. The character was already popular in the comics, and now Jackman had to bring him to life. He surely did, and now I feel the current X-Men franchise maybe a little too dependent on that popularity. I still believe that a stand-alone Magneto movie would have worked and it probably would have brought in money. I am still a little surprised that we have already had two different actors portray the villain/anti-hero on the big screen. Even though it is the same character, it hard not to argue that this is two wildy different takes on the same character. So who did it better?
My Two Cents
I guess this will have to do if you prefer young and vibrant Magneto or matured and ambitious Magneto. As much as I dug the scene in "X-Men: Days of Future Past" when young Professor Xavier had a seen with old Professor Xavier, I would have killed to see Sir Ian McKellen and Michael Fassbender shared a scene in that movie. Just to see these two guys spit chemistry off of each other. For me, its really a hard contest. For the longest time, I always thought Sir Ian McKellen was Magneto, and I always thought he hit all of the right notes from the comics, while also creating something that felt as his own. On the contrary, I thought Fassbender had a much different character to work from, and I think he did a really good job of always steering Magneto in character, even though he was working with much different emotions. For me, I am not sure it is a contest, I am seriously torn. I like them both a lot, and I think for this session, I would have to flip a coin.
Agree? Disagree? Do you need a coin like me, or is the winner clear cut? Let me know in the comment section below or email me ( You all have until next Wednesday to vote for your favorite Magneto.
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