Sunday, November 23, 2014

Jurassic World Trailer for Trailer Premiere!

There was a time when there were plans for a particular movie, a movie which never got to see the light of day. A movie that opens with dinosaurs attacking a little league softball game in broad daylight. Then the audience would learn that these attacks were happening all over North and South America, and that the UN was coming up with plans to combat these attacks. We would then follow a mercenary, who gets hired to go to a mysterious island to locate and detain a mysterious item, only to be captured by a shadowy business in competition with whomever hired this mercenary. Instead of torturing the soldier of fortune, this shadowy business would re-hire him for a job. A job in which this mercenary would train five specially modified humanoid dinosaurs to go around the world, hunting down drug-dealers and saving kidnapped children. These dinosaur-humans would don machine guns and grenades. This film was an early idea for "Jurassic Park 4" and no, I am not lying.

I have always been interested in returning to that special island of dinosaurs. So you can bet I was excited to see my very first glimpse of "Jurassic World." Telling from the glimpse I saw today, it looks like we won't be seeing any dinosaurs with machine guns, and that's a shame. No doubt, if that movie got made, it would split fans right down the line. But all we get from this quick glimpse is just scenes from the island, and our leads looking grim. While I will wait to see the full trailer this holiday week, all I have to say is that's it?

While I am huge fan of the original from 1993, I didn't really care for the sequels. Each sequel was naturally an excuse to get people back on the island, which seemed like such a waste of time and resources. This was a franchise of clones, and when I read this idea for a fourth film it was balls-to-the-wall nuts. But hey, I felt it would have breathed new life into the franchise. Now, I have no idea where "Jurassic World" is leading, but I want more than just another excuse to get high-profile actors on an island with dinosaurs. I want a story I can get behind, and I don't want to see the same thing the first three films already delivered. There has to be a special reason why Universal decided to open this franchise up again, right? There has to be a reason why they passed on such a close call, crazy idea to do something else entirely right? After three films of the same, I want a new story and a new direction to follow. "Jurassic World" can have all the wonder of the first film, it can have its funny moments, its tender moments, and its scary moments. It can have all the things that made this franchise iconic. But for the love of God, take us in a new direction please.

The full trailer will hit on Thanksgiving, what does everybody else think?

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