Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Who Played It Best? Michael Myers


This should be interesting this week, as I am having a showdown between two actors who never spoke any words in their movies.
I always felt Michael Myers to be supremely freaky, due to the fact that he was a mask-wearing killer who never spoke. The William Shatner mask that Myers donned was so blank, so emotionless that it fit Myers personality perfectly. Myers may not have spoken in the movies, but I think that made him more effective as a villain. Myers is more than just a man, he was a myth of death. Myers became more than the Bogeyman, he became a ghost, a legend, which is why he has lasted so long in the pages of film history. So my question is did Nick Castle, the original Myers or Tyler Mane, the modern Myers the best?
My Two Cents
Michael Myers has been played by a different actor in nearly every movie, but I have Nick Castle representing the old school days of the character. He was the first to put on the expression-less mask, and everybody after him, including Mane, took influence from Castle. It may sound silly to have a face off this week between two portrayals of a character that never spoke. Well, Mane at least made some noises, so if that helps you predict your vote then fair enough. I think Castle created a world of darkness based upon nothing but body language. It is a difficult chore to create an entire character out of body language. But Castle made it all look easy, which is why he gets my vote tonight.
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