Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Who Played It Best? Father Merrin

"The Exorcist" was not just one of the best horror movies ever, it was one of the best movies of the 1970's. When people think of their best films by decade, they usually don't put the horror genre into the equation. It seemed for a long time that most professional critics would never take the genre seriously. After "The Exorcist," that changed. It was a film that proved that the horror genre could be taken seriously, all the while people were being sent to therapy from fright. Its too bad that the franchise spawned a few bad sequels and two very strange prequels that didn't do much. But oh well, the franchise gave us an intriguing character. Father Merrin is an interesting character that we have met at different points in his life. So the question is, who played him better?
My Two Cents
This is a tough decision due to the fact that both Stellan Skarsgard and Max von Sydow are both amazing actors. It is also tough because each of these actors play the character at radically different times in the history of the character. When we meet Skarsgard's Merrin in "Exorcist: The Beginning," he is not entirely full of faith and he doesn't necessarily believe in Satan. When we meet him in "The Exorcist" he has seen a lot, and been through a lot and his philosophy has totally changed. Each approach is different, which makes choosing a favorite a chore. If you like the young and ambitious Merrin before he lost his innocence, vote Skarsgard. If you like the harden-pro Merrin who has been there and done that, vote von Sydow. This is going to be a battle for sure.
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