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That picture honestly just kills me.
When I first started this column, one of the first characters I looked at was Captain James T. Kirk. I have to be honest that I was surprised by the results. That is part of the reason why I started this column. I wanted to see upsets, I wanted to see breaks in the status quo. Plus, I just love when you guys comment on my blog, it makes the experience a whole lot richer. I also just like hearing your thoughts and see how they differ from mine. I have already begun to cypher through the results of our "Top 250" list already, and I am sure readers are going to be excitedly shocked by what made the list and what didn't. But that is all part of the fun for me.
The Nimoy/Quinto match-up is a lot different compared to the Shatner/Pine match-up. One reason is that Spock and Kirk are hardly comparable as characters, one is from a completely different planet for crying out-loud. Then there is Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto, these actors got to play the same character from two conflicting time continuums, that is nuts. It is completely unlike anything I had ever seen before. So who played the part best?
My Two Cents
I think this week is a no-brainer, and that I would personally give the edge to Nimoy. Nimoy created the blue-print for the character of Spock. As good as Quinto is in the new "Star Trek" franchise, he didn't breathe new life into the character, he didn't just borrow a couple quick tidbits from Nimoy's playbook, he imitated the playbook. I don't want that to sound like a smack at Quinto, but a very particular actor has to play Spock. I am sure the casting for the new franchise was grueling, absolutely grueling. Each time I watch the new franchise, I can't help but see the Nimoy similarities in Quinto's performance, therefore I give the edge to Nimoy.
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Last week, I delved into the land of the musical. Two great actors have taken on one of my personal favorite characters in all of musicals. Here were the results for best Jean Valjean.
Looks like there is a whole lot more to Mr. Jackman than just metal claws.

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