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Who Played It Best? The Punisher

Who Played It Best? The Punisher
The Punisher has been a Marvel character that has appealed to me for quite some time. I have always liked a good old' fashioned revenge thriller. Movies like "Death Wish," "Man on Fire," any Quentin Tarantino movie, for some reason I have always been drawn to revenge. Maybe it has to do with me enjoying justice, I have imprinted on my soul that the bad guys should always lose in the end, it may sound like a fairy tale, but good will always prevail, even if those heroes have to get their hands dirty. I have have always believed in being a moral human being and obeying the laws, but sometimes it is awesome just to watch somebody kick-ass. The Punisher has always been that guy, he may have always dressed up like a superhero, but he has no superpowers nor does he have a moral compass that even resembles that of a superhero. The Punisher is like Batman who lost his way thousand-fold. This is a cunning vigilante who kills the bad guys, no matter how major or minor their crimes. So far, there have been three different Punisher movies, which means three different actors have played him. Those actors are Dolph Lundgren, Thomas Jane and Ray Stevenson (by order of the movies), so who played the character best?
My Two Cents

For me, this is absolutely not a contest. Thomas Jane gets the edge for me without breaking a sweat. First of all, he starred in the best movie, not just best-made, but best-written. I never saw the Dolph Lundgren film from start to finish, but I watched trailers and scenes on Youtube and...well...that was about all I could stomach. While I could tell Stevenson tried to make his film count, "Punisher: War Zone" from 2008 was so on-the-nose ridiculous that it didn't resemble the movie at all. I will admit that none of The Punisher movies have been particularly popular, but I always felt Thomas Jane's Punisher movie from 2006 was incredibly overrated. I thought Jane gave the most emotional driven performance. You really understood Jane's need for revenge and how much it mattered to him. The 2006 film is gritty and violent, but it fits completely in the film's context and The Punisher was written near-perfectly and Jane allowed the character to pour out of him. Thus, he gets the edge for me.
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Sorry Iron Patriot...

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