Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Second trailer for "Big Hero 6"

I have been front and center for all of the marketing of "Big Hero 6." Simply because it is the first animated Marvel film from Disney. I have liked all the images so far and I dug the first trailer.

This new trailer reveals some new secrets about the plot, mainly where the big, white, Stay-Puffed, robot comes from. We get a small glimpse of the group meets up and how they assemble into a team. There is still very little known about the bad guy and his motivation, which I definitely like. There are big colors, big energy and big action in the trailer and it all looks enticing.

The only thing that bothers me is that the trailer goes out of its way to show us it was made by the same team that made "Frozen." A movie I can no longer support due to how quickly and systematically it got old and clich├ęd. The inspirational song in the trailer is a little off-putting too. Disney has the access to one of the richest comic book worlds ever written, and I don't want the studio to stuff their old, fabeled traditional themes into a Marvel movie. Many animation studios have proven that you can just make a fun movie, and audiences, child and adult alike will respond. Not every movie has to have a huge life-lesson, not every movie has to be a morality fable, not every movie has to be about finding yourself. Sometimes all animation needs to be is fun, but Disney rarely understands that.

I am still hopeful though, and I can only wait to see if that hope gets fulfilled. Look for "Big Hero 6" this November.

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