Tuesday, September 23, 2014

"The Interview" Red-Band Trailer

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg were the mad geniuses behind "Superbad." I recently re-watched "Superbad" and found that it still holds up after almost ten years. It was a film that did a good job of relating to a certain time and a certain attitude we all felt and making something raunchy yet sincere with it.

I am not sure that is what they are aiming for with "The Interview," but that maybe the point.

I have liked what I have seen from "The Interview" marketing so far, and this new red-band trailer for the movie is awesome. Rogen and Franco will be playing two journalists recruited by the CIA to assassinate Kim Jung-un during a faux-interview. This premise has been so lucrative that North Korea has threatened war with us if we should release the movie. My only question is, why didn't North Korea get all steamed after "Team America: World Police?"

It is a good-looking, funny trailer. I hope we have another comedic winner from this duo.

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