Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Our Own Top 250...Three Days Away

Nearly a month ago, I threw out an ambitious dare to all my readers. I asked everyone who cared to generate a list of their favorite films. These lists would be added to a mega-favorites list that was exclusive on my blog. It was going to be called "Our Own Top 250," giving a nod to the helpful, inspiring The placement of the movies would depend on how many people listed them on their lists, as well as how high. This could also be list that gets updated every year, much like the IMDb list, as well as other lists on other movie websites.

I have been very excited about all the feedback I have received so far. I wanted to thank you for giving your time to my blog, I never knew what to expect when I sat down to write on this thing. The feedback I have received, both good and bad, has been tremendous. I love the little group I have formed here, I can only hope that it continues to flourish.

To everyone else who has claimed they want to participate with this list, you have three days left. Get your lists in ASAP and I will begin calculating the results. Once all the lists are in, I will begin calculating immediately, it could take a day or two. But I also have to add in my Dad's birthday celebration, work, and a laundry list of other personal requirements, so it could be a little bit. Don't fret though, this will be something we will be proud of.

I gave you month to get lists in, I began on August 20th, September 20th is on Saturday. Think hard, jot a list down, pass it to me. Thanks for your consideration.

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