Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Monsters: Dark Continent Trailer

Who saw "Monsters" back in 2010?

It was a little known monster movie that came out and seemingly vanished without a trace. It was unique in the way that it didn't feel like a blockbuster, but felt as realistic as a monster movie could possibly get. It also gave birth to director Gareth Edwards, who recently directed the recent "Godzilla" movie and is now going to direct one of the solo "Star Wars" movies. That means Edwards isn't directing the sequel to his break-out hit, entitled "Monsters: Dark Continent." Even though Edwards is not in the director's chair this time out, it is pretty clear that his style and vision is still present in the sequel.

I guess I should not call this movie a sequel, its a "sort-of" seuqel. Which means the new director Tom Green (No, not the "Freddy Got Fingered" guy) will have creative freedom for the movie. Even though this trailer looks in the vein of the original "Monsters" movie, the shift in tone is noticable. No matter what, this sequel looks cool and I can't wait to lay eyes on it.



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