Thursday, September 25, 2014

Jupiter Ascending international trailer

This. Movie. Looks. Ridiculous. In the best possible way, I assure you.

That seems to be The Wachowski brothers' M.O. though. They create a novels-worth of cool images, clash them with big ideas and come out with a thought-provoking movie with big action. Not everybody in Hollywood can make a movie that is both wonderous and imaginative, which is why I wish The Wachowski brothers worked more often. Even though I hate "Speed Racer," it shows in their lesser material how much fun a movie can be.

"Jupiter Ascending" has been a movie I have had on my radar for what feels like forever. It was a movie that was supposed to be released over the summer, but then got pushed back to February 2015. There are many rumors to why the movie got pushed up. No matter, this is a movie I cannot wait to see and this new international trailer confirms it. It seems The Wachowski Brothers really went big with it and I hope this leads to another smash hit like "The Matrix."

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