Thursday, September 18, 2014

Deadpool Movie Coming!!

For many years, it seemed Deadpool was going to be a movie we would never see happen. There was much buzz about a Deadpool movie after the character finally made an appearance in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine." Sadly, that appearance seemed like a nod to fans instead of anything worth merit. Despite the tedium work on "Wolverine," Ryan Reynolds made a big enough impression with the Merc with a Mouth that Fox pushed for a stand-alone Deadpool movie.

So, of course, it never happened.

"Deadpool" was in production hell since 2009, with seemingly no end in sight. Ryan Reynolds really wanted to do it, but nothing ever got going. Tonight, that has changed, as a "Deadpool" movie is finally set, coming to us soon. When I say soon, I mean really soon. As in February 12, 2016 soon. Sure, it is still a few years away. But a "Deadpool" is more than just some exciting chatter right now, it is something we are going to see soon. That is thanks in large part to Tim Miller, whose leaked footage of a possible "Deadpool" movie came to us weeks ago. That footage has been making a name for itself, and I think there is no doubt that it helped the deciding factor to greenlight this movie. Tim Miller is still attached to direct and Ryan Reynolds is still attached to reprise the role.

I know many people are jaded by the idea of a "Deadpool" movie. That is mainly due to his hazardous usage in the Wolverine movie. Deadpool is a unique character, an incredibly cool character, a character worth watching for. Looking at the test footage Miller put together, he really highlighted what sets Deadpool apart from other comic book characters, and demonstrated an immense understanding of the character. It seems this character is in the right hands, that is sweet music to my ears.

Everything is still static right now, but let's hope that Miller returns to direct and Reynolds comes back. Definitely more on this story as it progresses.


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