Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Our Own Top 250

I wanted to do something fun this month.

There are a couple of massive lists of best movies out there. There are's top 250 voted by the users. I also remember reading in college E! online making a list of 100 new classics and Empire magazine went as far to make a 500 Greatest Movies of all Time list. A pretty ambitious feat if I do say so myself. I only breing this up because I was poking around the internet late last night and saw that Empire magazine has made an updated list of Greatest Movies of all Time, this time though, the count is at 301, which seems just as random a number as 500.

This got me thinking and I have decided to do something similar. I kind of want to have a massive list of greatest films of all time. I could easily write-out a massive list of films that I think everybody should see before they die, but what fun would it be if I did all the writing, brainstorming and creating? Whenever I can get my readers involved, I will. There is also something that seems special about the number 250, so I want to title this list "Our Own Top 250" consisting of the films you vote for, the movies you think are the greatest of all time. Also just like at IMDB, I want to update this list every year, revoting to see who gets shifted, who gets eliminated and who gets added. 

I thought this would be fun since it seems almost every website has a massive list of greatest movies somewhere, and I thought it would be fun if we made one for this blog. So I am encouraging my readers to submit a list of what they consider the greatest movies of all time. Please submit a list with a minimum of 5 movies and a maximum of 20. Tell your friends, tell any movie-nuts you may know. Today is August the 20, I will be giving you the month to submit. That means you have until before or until September 20th to submit your lists. How many times a title appears on everyone's list will decide the ranking of the list, and I will be putting my own insight on the list too, as well as some of my fellow movie friends who I think will like this.

Let's have fun with this, let's make this a tradition for each new year. You have the month to decide, so think hard, take your time and conjure a list that defines you!

email your lists ( or simply write them in the comment section below!


  1. Gone with the wind
    wizard of Oz
    Ben Hurr
    Dances with Wolves
    Out of Africa

  2. Wow, this could take me a while, give me two weeks at least.

  3. I'm in. Let me think about this.