Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Warcraft has made it to San Diego!

What you are looking at is the word art for the upcoming "Warcraft" movie. 

There are have been whispers of a "Warcraft" movie here and there. You better believe that I have been keeping up with it and looking after it. I never once became infatuated by the Warcraft video games, but I am definitely interested in a Warcraft movie. I am not exactly sure why I am raising an eyebrow over a Warcraft movie. Maybe its because I know its based on a sandbox-style game, so the possibilities are endless. Maybe its because Colin Ferrell is attached to play in the movie, and he is in dire need to just back into the mainstream. No matter what the reason, I will be interested to see what happens with this film and I hope it ends up being awesome.

Not only did the film's logo pop up today, but also some armor has shown up at San Diego Comic-Con today. A lucky participant was nice enough to snap a photo.
So it looks like for the upcoming movie, The Alliance will play a part in the film and that is exciting unto itself. This is getting me excited and I like what I am seeing so far. What do all my Warcraft buffs think?

"Warcraft" will be released on March, 18th 2016.


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