Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Horrible Bosses 2 trailer

I remember seeing "Horrible Bosses" back in 2011, around this time actually.

There was stuff I liked about it and stuff I did not. It was clear that it was full of great actors, which included Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, Jamie Foxx, Jason Sudeikis, Colin Farrell, Kevin Spacey, and Jennifer Aniston. That is an incredible cast for a comedy, an almost perfect cast for a comedy. The sad thing is everything else about the film was average. Average plot, average characters and not-so-average cliches. By and large, I had a good time with "Horrible Bosses" but I don't know if I would have pleasure in ever revisiting it.

I would have never imagined a sequel to the movie and I have no idea how the film will look. I am glad that Bateman, Sudeikis, Day, Aniston, Foxx and Spacey are all back. I also like that both Christoph Waltz and Chris Pine are joining this sequel, as their acting power will only help. I just hope this sequel features a story worth telling. I hope this sequel does not just tread water and they do something worth making. For the most part, the trailer looks good, but I won't be making a call on this until I get a longer trailer and perhaps even some word-of-mouth. We'll find out in November how good this thing will be.

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