Thursday, July 17, 2014

Goosebumps Movie!

Do any of you remember reading Goosebumps as a child? The young adult set of books that took horror tropes seriously, but at the same time didn't try to shock and terror. Although, I will admit, I remember getting scared out of my mind from the cover of "Night of the Living Dummy." I remember watching the television show that adapted many of the Goosebumps stories to the small screen, and at my age, I was impressed with them.

Next year, Jack Black will play R.L. Stine, author of the famous Goosebumps series, in a Goosebumps movie. I have no idea what that would entail since I can't remember Stine being apart of any of the books. Will this be a movie that breaks the fourth wall? That could be kind of cool. I am little intrigued by this decision and I will be curious to see how this unfolds.

Beware, we will be in for a scare as this hits theaters on August 7th, 2015.

I sure hope they can hire Gary Oldman to play Slappy the dummy.


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