Saturday, July 5, 2014

Fast and Furious 7 release date

Well, the journey to bring "Fast and Furious 7" to the big screen has been anything but easy.

First, one of their actors who plays one of their title characters passed away in the middle of production. That is just sad all around. I enjoyed Paul Walker's presence, especially in these movies and no matter how long the franchise lasts, it will now not be the same without him. His character defined the franchise, and Walker himself defined the franchise. Its a really sad story, but Universal was compelled to press on, and to finish the film. Part of the reason why I support this is because it will be Paul Walker's legacy, and this is coming from an actor who had a lot to be proud of.

During shooting, I read that Vin Diesel seemed a little off during production. I think Walker's death hit Diesel particularly hard. How could it not have? When you spend nearly six movies in a franchise with the mostly the same cast, obviously you make friends, you get to know each other, you enjoy each other's company. I heard on many interviews that Diesel considered Walker a brother, and that is just sweet to hear. But I feared the worse when I read just how affected Diesel was by it all. Would the film finish? Will they have to cancel the film all around? Is this the end of "Fast and Furious?"

The answer is no, and in fact, we'll be seeing it a little earlier than usual. The original set date after Walker's passing was April 10th 2015 and now Universal has pushed the release up to April 3rd 2015. So we will be seeing this movie earlier than expected. That news has me all sorts of excited and I can't wait to see what this group has been cooking up.


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