Thursday, July 17, 2014

Annabelle Trailer

From superhero films to "The Hobbit," I think this decade of film will be known as the decade where stories multiplied and multiplied and multiplied. The studios are always brainstorming new ways to expand upon the titanic stories they are telling. It seems like the horror genre maybe taking a step or two from the previous playbooks. I could not be more excited.

I thought "The Conjuring" last summer was an audaciously effective horror movie. From the beginning as the opening credits play, and that superb music plays, to the ending where the very last jump scene is memorable, "The Conjuring" treated the horror genre right. Throughout the entire film, there  are slight clues to a bigger world that could be explored, other stories we could enjoy in the dark, and other demons we could wrestle with. It looks like Hollywood is ready to begin to walk through that journey. The movie is quasi-based on a pair of real paranormal activity hunters, so the possibilities are nearly endless.

"Annabelle" will be released this October and it will be set in "The Conjuring" universe. I am delighted to be going back to this universe this October and the trailer for "Annabelle" is quite effective. Let me know what you guys thought of the trailer.

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