Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Who Played It Best? The Joker

Who Played It Best? The Joker
"Who Played It Best?" will be a weekly poll on my blog. Each Wednesday, I will collect a group of actors known for playing the same character in the movies. You will have the entire week to vote for who you felt played the character the best. I will announce the winner next Wednesday.

I figured sooner or later I'd be writing about this one, this is the big one.

The Joker is easily the most popular supervillain in all of comics. I think that is as clear as day. There is no other popular supervillain than The Joker in the comics, or in movies for that matter. The Joker is an hypnotic character, which is probably why people are going crazy with rumor right now, wondering if we will see the villain in the upcoming Batman and Superman movie. People love them a Clown Prince of Crime, which is why he is so relevant today. Luckily, we have been blessed with two actors who really made the character iconic for movies. From 1989 to 2008, Jack Nicholson felt like the "end all, be all" for The Joker on the silver screen. But in 2008, that seemingly changed, there was a ripple in the status quo, which has remained since. The new favorite is Heath Ledger and his work in "The Dark Knight." We have two incredible Jokers here, so who played it best?

My Two Cents
I feel like I already know who is going to win this, and I feel I don't even need to  throw my two cents out. I think Heath Ledger is going to win and perhaps this weeks edition of "Who Played It Best?" is completely useless.

But lets backtrack a little bit. Like most of the characters I have examined so far, I have taken a look at different variations of the character. With these two Jokers, that is exactly same thing, two different variations. In 1989, director Tim Burton tiptoed the line between being dark and embracing the comic book. But in 2008, director Christopher Nolan took The Joker in full darkness, and created something completely Earth shattering with it. So this decision will depend on what you prefer. If you like something that embraces the character on many different levels, then you'll probably vote Nicholson. If you like something that embraces the character on many different morality levels, then you'll probably vote Ledger. If all of that is bullshit to you, then you'll probably vote Ceasar Romero. No matter what, I hope you enjoy this vote.

Which version of the character do you prefer? Let me know by next Wednesday. You can start voting today. You can email me ( or just simply leave a name in my comments section below.

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Michelle Pfeiffer


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